5 Steps to Strategic Growth

Oct 03, 2022

If you have a desire to help somebody or make something better than i tis by adding value, if you are dreaming about changing the world or sharing your passion, if you have a desire to create something bigger than you, then do it! TAKE A DECISION. The rest can be learned.

Anybody who wants to achieve a sustainable and predictable success, needs to plan strategically and execute upon this plan. There is a saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!", which is very true. Strategic planning is not a "TO DO" list. And execution is not just doing what you feel to do in the moment. They are 5 steps to achieve your goals and grow strategically. Let's dive deeper into each of them.

Step #1 Vision

Start with a vision. It represents what you want to achieve in 5 or 10 years. Successful people stick to their vision for a longer time. You can change your strategies or tactics to achieve that goals, not the vision itself. To make your vision more tangible put your dreams on a vision board. However, you should not forget that these are mostly your "to have" goals and vision is not a destination, it is a road. So, imagine who you are and what you are doing if your goals are achieved.

Step #2 Goal Setting

When vision is a long term, then goal is a short-term milestone, helping us to stay on the right track. Usually, it is difficult to plan the whole year in detail, so you can divide it into two or four blocks and give yourself goals to be achieved in each block/quarter. Where does the income come from? How many products and services needs to be sold to achieve the set goals? How many (new) clients do you want to get? What needs to be developed or learned? How much you have to invest to achieve these numbers?

Step #3 Strategies

You have to choose your winning Delivery, Marketing and Sales Strategies leading you towards your goals. Business strategy means to know who your ideal prospect is, what you want to offer him, where you will find him/her to promote your products & services and how to convert him/her to a raving fan & repeatedly buying client. Each step is important. Be aware that your business is only as good as the worst part of this puzzle.

Step #4 Action steps

Based on your strategies write down action steps, which need to be taken and prioritize them. Then you add two other components to it: by when and by who they should be completed. Date represents a deadline you have set to accomplish your action. Who will do this task? Basically, you have three possibilities: to do it by yourself, to do it with somebody or to outsource it. Your time is the most valuable resource, do the tasks requiring strategic thinking, sales and delivery. The rest can and should be outsourced.

Step #5 Execution

Execution trumps all strategies. To avoid overwhelm by looking at your big goals, look just at one step ahead you. Doing small steps in the right direction is secret weapon to achieve your big goals. Ask yourself: what kind of new habits I need to adopt to achieve my goals? And every month add one new good habit and eliminate one bad habit. It can be "a thought" or "a behavior". Every month evaluate your successes and failures and analyze it. Celebrate your wins! Even small ones. Motivate yourself by giving yourself a treat for all steps done.

Success is waiting for you. Don't hesitate. Believe in yourself!

To Your Success!