Design Your 10k €/month

Nov 04, 2022

Though it may not seem like a piece of cake, 10.000 euros per month as a coach or consultant can be not only doable but also be and feel easy to do. The last part is equally important, as the quality of your life is the SUCCESS. Here are six steps to take:


The first step is to WANT it.

Many people believe that they can only do WHAT they know HOW to do. The problem with this type of thinking is that it is based on the current circumstances, not on what you desire to have. But your present does not define your future. And if you want to break free from your present situation and create a better future, you should not be limited by your current knowledge of things. First, dream and then decide what your future will look like.

How much exactly do you want to earn per month? Why? What would you do with the money? How strongly do you desire it?

Only then comes HOW. The “HOW” is your business STRATEGIES.


The second step is to create an irresistible high-end offer.

First, get clear on your offers and after brainstorming, design a high-end offer. Ask yourself: "What is the best way I can serve my dream client? Then, make it compelling for your dream clients. Here is my triangle of an irresistible offer:


The three most essential components – what + for whom + for how much - are determined by your business decision. It will influence how much time you would need to work to achieve your financial goal. If you design a 2.500 € offer, you need 4 clients per month to get to 10k€/m. With a 5.000 € offer, just 2 clients.

The last part of the triangle – knowing how to present and talk about your products - is marketing. It's an easy-to-learn skill. Bur first, YOU need to LOVE your offer.


The third step is to design a sales system that will sell this offer the easiest way. 

You need to build your unique sales system, building trust, and leading towards the sales conversations. If you are selling high-end programs and working in a 1to1 or intimate group setting, it is crucial to know your future clients in person. For them as well as for you. Design a sales system where most of the parts are automated. That would be the smart way to do it.


The fourth and fifth steps are your professional brand and promotional activities. They go hand in hand.

Once you have your sales system in place, you know how to conduct the sales conversations, it is time to get some visibility. No visibility - no business. Your promotional activities' goal is to bring high-quality leads into your sales system, where you will strengthen the relationship and later present your offers. And your professional brand should help you to do that. It is built based on the clarity of your message, content, presentation style, platform choice, and partnerships.


The last step is your confidence.

Confidence to sell and charge what your programs are really worth. And courage to overcome all the obstacles on your way. And this is hard (if not impossible) when we are on our own. Having a business partner, coach, mentor, or mastermind group is the easier way towards your success.

If you want to start making five figures per month, I offer you to book a Strategy Call to design your 10K€ + month with me. It's FREE for a limited time. The value of this coaching session is 300 euros. It's my way of contributing and helping YOU to have more impact doing your work. To your success!