How to Get More Clients by Increasing Your Sales Conversion

Aug 05, 2022
Sale happens in the moment when a client BELIEVE that offered product or service will bring him/her the desired result.

In this article I will analyse only the sales process to help you find out what could be reasons why your potential clients don't buy from you. And most importantly to turn it around and use it for your business success. I will take for granted that you have your ideal potential clients in front of you when you present your offer. To get this part right, is the role of your marketing strategy and execution.

When we look at the sale equation, they are four variables. One, the result, is the SALE. What are the three others?

#1 It's Desired Product / Service

Let's presume that you are talking to the right prospect who needs your product or service. The reason why you are not closing enough sales might be that you are failing to inspire your potential client enough to buy. Remember, people don’t buy because they need something, they buy because they WANT something. In your products, look at your packaging. In presenting your services, talk more about the desired outcome and all the advantages for the client when achieving it.


#2 It's Your Trustworthiness

Your potential client will not buy FROM YOU, unless their trust you. There are several components of this trust. First, trust in your capabilities. Do they trust you that you are the right person to deliver the results they want? Before you present your offer, you should take time to give them confidence in your capabilities either by showing your experience, for ex. recommendations of your previous satisfied clients. In some countries your expertise, titles, position are equally important. The second component is your reputation, here read also reputation of your company and country of origin. And the last component, the most important one, is to trust your intentions. Even if your potential clients believe in your capabilities and you have an excellent reputation if they think that you are manipulating them just to close your sale, you have lost. Authenticity is the key in sale and life.


#3 It's the Confidence of Your Client

Very often happens, that we are so focus on ourselves and our product/service we are passionate about, that we forget to think about our potential clients. If you get a lot of “I don’t have money/time NOW”, or “I will think about it”, and you are sure that they want to buy from you, that there are just not ready themselves. They have their underlying fears and you, as a master of closing sales, you need to take care of their mindset as well. Help them overcome their fears, show them how it is possible to achieve what they want.
When you present your potential clients the right product/service they believe will bring them the outcome they want, they will BUY. When you do well the second part of the sales process and appear trustworthy, they will buy FROM YOU. And when you help your potential clients to gain the confidence in themselves and overcome obstacles in their mind - they will buy from you NOW.


To Your Success!