Are you a female expert business owner, highly knowledgeable and intellectual?

Your expertise is your passion. You know that you can help others with what you do, but you feel and know that you can have more impact with your work. Maybe even sometimes you feel jealous of others who have less knowledge than you but are “selling” themselves better and have success you dream of.

You know that you need to change a way how you are selling your services and you are here in the right place.

You want your financial freedom; you deserve it, and your business should provide for you. But you don’t want to work hard, using only a masculine energy and do the things you are not comfortable with.

You know that quick fixes don’t exist and that alone you will turn in circles but not move forward. You are already tired of courses or group programs/mastermind where nobody has time to listen to you. Deep down you know that what you need is a private mentoring & coaching.

I work with business owners who are ready to grow their business to 6 figures per year and beyond, to achieve financial and emotional freedoms and more impact with their work. Intelligent, decisive and courageous women who want to replace “busyness with effectiveness”, “feeling stuck” with “being unstoppable”, “working hard” with “working smart”.

If you don’t have time to implement solutions and working ON your business at least one day per week, then my coaching is probably not for you. I work with people who want to dig deeper and want to transform their businesses and lives. So, if you are looking just for a cosmetic change, I am not the right person for you.

And these changes require also an implementation time. You’ll need to commit a minimum of 3 to 12 months and see this as a business & life changing investment of your time, energy and money. Your investment for one-to-one support would range from 3.000 to 10.000 euros.

It sucks to feel lost and confused (I've been there) especially if you know how much you're capable of when you have clarity and direction. While you may be trying to go faster and work harder, the truth is that it might be time to slow down so you can speed up on your new more fulfilled journey.  And you need somebody who will see YOUR superpowers, which we cannot see for ourselves.

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