After having hundreds of conversations with experts about their strategies, the main reason they struggled could be almost always linked to the business model they have chosen. Either the product they are offering is not ideal for the stage of their business, or it was not aligned with their other strategies or with their industry.

And the truth is what business model you choose will determine your ultimate success. And by success, I mean what’s important for YOU. Be it financial freedom, location freedom, time freedom, or all of it.

That's why I've created PRODUCTIZE YOUR EXPERTISE to help YOU to avoid costly mistakes and turn your expertise into a profitable and enjoyable business.

In this powerful training, I will walk you through all 20 ways and help you to choose the right one for you! Based on your preferences, the market, and the stage of your business.

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In this 5-Part Video Training you will:

  • Have a detailed explanation of all 20 products for experts, including recommended pricing and length
  • Discover the most critical factor determining your success (and it’s not whether you deliver it virtually or in person)
  • See multiple examples of experts who reached 6, 7, or 8 figures in their expert businesses
  • Get the key to unlocking the “BEST FOR YOU” product strategy.

Knowing how to package your expertise into something that brings money, allows you to live the life you want, and makes a difference in other people’s lives is the fundamental piece of your expert business success. 

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