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Jana Droessler
Business mentor & Mindset coach

Are you a highly knowledgeable expert who seeks more high-value clients without working hard on marketing & sales?


You want financial freedom, and you deserve it. Your business should provide it for you. And no, you don’t need to work hard for it, using only masculine energy or doing the things you are uncomfortable with.

Quite the opposite.

You shouldn’t work too much. Our expertise is our passion. And we tend to give it a lot, finding ourselves on the edge of burned-out. Doing less and doing it better, in a more profound way, is the answer you are looking for. As well as using your feminine energy & intuition and doing more of what you love to do.


Sounds inviting?


I work with female expert business owners ready to grow their businesses to 5 figures per month and beyond to achieve financial & emotional freedom and more impact with their work. Intelligent, decisive, and courageous women who want to replace 'busyness' with 'effectiveness', 'feeling stuck' with 'being unstoppable', and 'working hard' with 'working smart'.

You know that quick fixes don’t work and that alone you will turn in circles instead of moving forward. You are already tired of courses or group programs/masterminds where nobody has time to listen to you. Deep down, you know that what you need is private coaching. You are ready to transform your business, and you are looking for a mentor who will guide you, cherish you, see YOUR superpowers, which we cannot see for ourselves, and hold you accountable.

You know how much you can achieve when you have clarity and direction. While you may be trying to go faster and work harder, the truth is that it might be time to slow down so you can speed up on your new, more fulfilled journey.  And you want somebody to have an outsider look at your business and advise you honestly on your best next steps.


If it sounds like you


book your coaching call (the first one is on me) to get personalized answers & gain the clarity you are looking for.

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