The mission of the academy is to help knowledge-based business owners – consultants, coaches, trainers and other experts to make a necessary transformation - from successful experts to successful expert business owners. To have a thriving business bringing them means to live the life they want to live, all by making a positive impact in our world.


  • By learning how to monetize their expertise in an easier and more enjoyable way.
  • By reprogramming their mindset for success.
  • By achieving a consistent and predictable income leading to financial security, which then is leading to a phenomenal work.
  • By helping them to make a higher impact, all by working less and feel useful, appreciate and full of energy.

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I love to create. And as many creators (the chances are you are also one of them), I had to learn that our creations are helpful only when we share them with the world. That’s why the Expert Success Academy (or short eSuccess Academy) was born. As a mentor and coach, I am creating and delivering transformational programs for expert business owners since 2018 – the year when I’ve founded the Academy, but it’s built on my previous, 28 years long, professional experience. When I summed it up, 7 years seems to be my number :-)

7 years of business education, Paris, London, working part-time in sales and export
7 years of working experience in the big corporations, the last role as Corporate Banking Sales Director
7 years of entrepreneurship – real estate transactions, translation services, teaching, and coaching
7 years being a corporate consultant, in 3 different locations, helping top managers from the big corporations, ambassadors, and other consulting companies to align their strategies

Jana Droessler

1. I am a GREAT MUM. I am very proud of my 2 boys. Not only because they are my biggest joy and love, also because they are great human beings - curious, eager and ready to make a positive contribution to this world. They care and feel strongly about justice, equality and other social causes close to their (and my) heart.

2. I am a GOOD LIFE PARTNER to my husband. I am very happy to celebrate 20 years of being together with my “all in one”: husband, best friend, father of my kids and recently also my business partner. It wasn’t always an easy, but it is definitely an interesting journey, which I am grateful for. I am also very proud that I made my husband leave his 9:5 corporate job to start a business together.

3. I am a DREAM BUILDER. Although there is no end to it – dream building is a journey not a destination, I can already now say that I am proud and grateful to live a life of my dream. I am also a certified Dream Builder from Mary Morrissey. Her course changed my life. And I believe that the best thing to show my gratefulness is to share it with the rest of the world.

4. I have a genuine interest to help people to overcome their challenges. I am a GOOD LISTENER, A BORN TEACHER AND AN EAGER HELPER. These qualities makes me a good coach and mentor, although I will never stop improving. I choose my clients with care and love, as I feel a big responsibility in helping them to achieve promised results and transformation.

5. I value intelligence. I consider myself an INTELLIGENT PERSONI work with intelligent people per choice. I don’t think that intelligence is a birth gift, although part of it can be. However, when I see people around me who are 'less intelligent', mostly it’s just because they cease to grow. What I am proud of is that I am consciously developing myself in different forms of intelligence – logical, emotional, intercultural ... That I’ve read thousands of books, gone through tens and tens of courses, went to great schools, learnt and applied many things including 5 foreign languages. And that I am still in a constant search for new information, breakthroughs and transformations.

6. I am an EXCELLENT STRATEGIST, THINKER AND PERSON OF DEPTH. While the previous qualities are more due to my work and self development, these ones are more like "my gifts". We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Seeing a bigger picture and bringing clarity and simplicity into complexity are my strengths. I used to see my weaknesses rather than my strengths. Not only that, I was working on my weaknesses to improve them, until I realized that we have to celebrate our differences, play our strengths and outsource our weaknesses.

7. I CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET. I love animals, nature and people. I made a promise to myself very early in my carrier, around my twenties, that I will use my knowledge and my gifts only for good causes. True to my values, I am proud that I’ve turned down lucrative job offers, and later high-paying consulting offers, for industries which did not satisfy this criterium.



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