The academy's mission is to help knowledge-based business owners – consultants, coaches, trainers, and other experts to make a necessary transformation - from successful experts to successful expert business owners. So that they can have thriving businesses bringing them means to live the life they want to live, all by making a positive impact in our world.


  • By reprogramming your mind for success - SELF.
  • By learning how to SELL with ease, joy, and success.
  • By deciding on STRATEGIES that are right for you.
  • By implementing SYSTEMS that help you to work less.

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I love to create. And like many creators (the chances are you are also one of them), I had to learn that our creations are helpful only when we share them with the world. That’s why the Expert Success Academy (or short eSuccess Academy) was born. As a mentor and coach, I have been creating and delivering transformational programs for expert business owners since 2018, when I founded the Academy. Still, it’s built on my previous 28 years-long professional experience.

When I summed it up, 7 years seems to be my number :-)

7 years of business education, Paris, London, working part-time in sales and export
7 years of working experience in the big corporations, the last role as Corporate Banking Sales Director
7 years of entrepreneurship – real estate transactions, translation services, teaching, and coaching
7 years being a corporate consultant in 3 different locations, helping top managers from big corporations, ambassadors, and other consulting companies to align their strategies

Jana Droessler

And here are 7 facts about me:

1. I am a GREAT MUM. I am very proud of my 2 boys. Not only because they are my biggest joy and love but also because they are great human beings - curious, eager, and ready to make a positive contribution to this world. They care and feel strongly about justice, equality, and other social causes close to their (and my) heart.

2. I am a GOOD LIFE PARTNER to my husband. I am very happy to celebrate 20 years of being together with my “all in one”: husband, best friend, father of my kids, and recently my business partner. It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely an interesting journey, which I am grateful for. I am also very proud that I made my husband leave his 9:5 corporate job to start a business together.

3. I am a DREAM BUILDER. Although there is no end to it – dream building is a journey, not a destination, I can already now say that I am proud and grateful to live the life of my dream. I am also a certified Dream Builder from Mary Morrissey. Her course changed my life. And I believe that the best thing to show my gratefulness is to share it with the rest of the world.

4. I am genuinely interested in helping people overcome their challenges. I am a GOOD LISTENER, A BORN TEACHER, AND AN EAGER HELPER. These qualities make me a good coach and mentor, although I will never stop improving. I choose my clients with care and love, as I feel a big responsibility to help them to achieve promised results and transformation.

5. I value intelligence. I consider myself an INTELLIGENT PERSONI work with intelligent people per choice. I don’t think that intelligence is a birth gift, although part of it can be. I am proud that I am consciously developing myself in different forms of intelligence – logical, emotional, intercultural ... I’ve read thousands of books, gone through tens and tens of courses, gone to great schools, and learned and applied many things, including 5 foreign languages. And that I am still in a constant search for new information, breakthroughs and transformations.

6. I am an EXCELLENT STRATEGIST, THINKER, AND PERSON OF DEPTH. While the previous qualities are more due to my work and self-development, these ones are more like "my gifts". We all have our strengths and weaknesses. My strength is to see the bigger picture and bring clarity and simplicity into complexity. I used to see my weaknesses rather than my strengths. Not only that, I was working on my weaknesses to improve them until I realized that we must celebrate our differences, play our strengths and outsource our weaknesses.

7. I CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET. I love animals, nature, and people. I promised myself very early in my career, around my twenties, that I would use my knowledge and gifts only for good causes. True to my values, I am proud that I’ve turned down lucrative job offers, and later high-paying consulting offers, for industries that did not satisfy this criterium.



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